the waiting room

Mind is racing so much to handle
Ideas as bright as 1,000 candles.
Never ending, loop of hope
Then crashes, no way to cope.

Woke up alone and oddly cold
Not realizing when I got old.
Ten hours of sleep and still tired
Wanting to live, but lost the fire.

Dark, empty, noiseless screaming
Am I awake, or am I dreaming?
Long hot shower to burn my mind,
help and medicine, will I be fine?

Some days I feel a lil bit stronger
Through a will to live life longer.
The dark days, I wait through time
Light always finds a way to shine.

in a storm

The depths of the navigational channels are charted, navigational aids tell you where and where not to sail, and technology can pinpoint your location to the exact spot on Earth.

We still get lost.
We still need help.

Storms large and small can change our course without us even realizing it. ⛈

It’s ok to seek shelter and wait for the storm to pass.

It’s ok to ask for help if the storm is too intense.

And it’s ok to just hang on as hard as you can, wearing out your grip and burning out your elbows as the storm bears down and tries to destroy everything you know.

Storms end, and calmness awaits. ☀️